Friday, April 29, 2011

Shukriya Jindagi

Our universe, unlimited space around us. I don't know whether people thought about its deepness ever in their life, but I felt about that unilimited factor, that vacant space, endless, going on and on and on. Billions of Stars, Billions of Planets, Billions of inorganic matter, life less, hopeless, imagine earth a desert and you are alone, this might change your thought towards life.

Life is a chance, a probability which is very rare in universe. Carbon, hydogen, oxygen, nitogen etc took thousands of year to come into right place to produce exactly right bond to form a organic molecule ( very rare chance), these molecules arrange in particular fashion to produce DNA (extremely rare) and they are at right temperature, right distance from sun, have a ozone layer (very rare chance). So we can see our origin of life on planet is extremely rare, I guess probability to originate life on a planet is 10 raised to power 100 out of one that means out of 10 raised to power 1 (100 zeros after 1) planets only one planet is able to sustain life and that too primitive life.

Formation of intelligent life from primitive life is also that much less probable.


Life is beautiful thing in whole universe. For me it is outcome of expansion of universe, when universe become very big then it invented humans to see itself. We are the eyes of universe. From us universe see its own creatures, its formations, its beauty.
That strangest, rarerest, beautiful thing is life and we have that thing in us, we are blessed, which make us special and unique in whole universe.

This life is a gift to us. Shukriya Jindagi!!!!!!!!!

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